Tuesday, 21 May 2013

History Update - May

   Hi guys,

   Well, things aren't quite going to plan, and FSJ has fallen a little by the wayside.  Sorry I was going to have a post two days ago but it's just not slotting together as I hoped.

   It's not for a lack of trying, there's just no chance for writing 100% of the time with work being a hurdle and family being a treasure; guess I need to lock myself away and get the writing done (and maybe the mapping, not quite 100% sure when I'll be able to fit that in, but I have the first draft done).

   So, all quiet on the Talbadan front this month, I'll see what I can manage over the coming weeks.

   Thanks for understanding,
   T. M. Shannon

Friday, 19 April 2013

History Update

   Hi guys,

   Well, it's been a long time coming (and holding back my work on The Hero of Talbadas, Volume Two), but I've updated the History of the Talbadas.

   With this Part 2 update, the Interim is in full swing.  The Migrations are reshaping the Videan culture, but the Cistinian rise in Ghomal, and the early Church conquest of Sapia sees the south-western Sapic Caelts taking the unified banner of Haernism.

   Future updates will be made as I get around to them, especially with my focus on Hero of Talbadas.  I'll post progress as I go.  Until then, please enjoy this episode of Talbadas' vibrant history, and hope to see you soon at my VBT stops - you can find all the details here at http://tmshannon-author.blogspot.com.au.

   T. M. Shannon

Thursday, 11 April 2013

My heartfelt apologies

I've been slack, I know, I'm really sorry.  There's a lot in mind at the moment and I've been distracted, but at least it's TSH related (my VBT due soon!)

The History will be back up and running soon, along with my work on Volume 2 of the Hero of Talbadas.

I owe it to myself more than anything, but it's all good, and as we say here in Oz, "She'll be right, mate."

Look forward to updating soon!

Sunday, 31 March 2013

The History of the Last Couple of Days (or seriously, I'm getting!)

Hi guys,

I know I promised (without making any promises) that there's be a History of Talbadas update.

Been a busy Easter Long Weekend here in Australia (family commitments, organising a manuscript swap-over, checking in on LinkedIn [note to self, LINK OUT once in a while!]), I'm back on the FSJ bandwagon tomorrow (Easter Monday), and I'm going to try and pump out the next history installment as well tomorrow.

Don't worry, for lack of entries here I'm going to make up for that loss with Koren Dietrich, Talbadas' first king, and the many other great things to come in Talbadas' vibrant history.

Thanks for your understanding (OK, I know its only my loss not writing my own history to my own country I made up for the specific purpose of starting a war), looking forward to indulging the History and jumping back on the Hero of Talbadas bandwagon - OCTOBER RELEASE INTENDED!

T. M. Shannon

Tuesday Update: still busy proofing, reproofing and re-reproofing.  Giving up this weeks intention to post to the History.  Soon, I swear (don't make me do an Armage blood-oath I beg you!)

Thanks again for understanding!

Monday, 25 March 2013

And as for going to the moon and doing other things...

OK I've been a bit lax about the history blog.  I've been busy.

It happens.

So now, I find myself not as busy.  At that can only mean one thing: HISTORY OF TALBADAS BACK IN BUSINESS!

I owe myself a couple of catch-ups.  I'm not making promises at the moment, but I'll be doing what I can to get back on track!

The next history installments concern the legendary Koren Dietrich and the birth of the kingdom in the Alpes-Talbadas.

Cheers guys,
T. M. Shannon

Monday, 18 March 2013

"And for my next trick, I need a member of the audience."

Ever considered spreading your influence and helping others along the way?  I know I have - in fact I'm doing it now.

Being in the independent world, self-pubbed authors don't quite have connections like E. L. James' strongest whipping belt (I'll pass).  It means we have to initiate the connections, which to me seems a daunting task.

So I come to my proposition: how would any author's like to share promo through facebook and our innumerable blogs?

It's only a small plan.  Send a few sample chapters and your links to me, I'll send mine to you, and throw you up on a page of my blog (I've got the room, and best yet, I really don't mind doing it).  Got your facebook page?  I'll chuck my likes up, too.  And it is my intention to do this for nothing

Put it this way, I might even review your work for the fun of it (I might even buy your book on kindle!)

I know I'm only a tiny operator at the moment, but so what?  Exposure is exposure, and I have other works planned.  Something has to give, and I'm a firm believer of sharing the love.

So if you're interested, hit me up.  Just leave your query in the comments section and I'll be in contact very soon.

Here's to success!
T. M. Shannon

P.S. in History news, I may try and add more this coming weekend, but I'm not making promises as I'm still busy with many endeavours.  Keep you posted!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

History Update

"The work of the Armage is rarely, if ever, done.  So it has always been, and so it will always be."

A saying of the Armage to the King of Talbadas            

In other news, I haven't even so much as given the next portion of the History of Talbadas an update, as I've been so busy with my writing.

So Sunday will not feature an update to the History (awww) but it will be St Patricks Day and a good day for a Guinness (yay) . . . not that this is my excuse for skipping the update.

I have a major Hero of Talbadas project in progress, with an announcement due sooner than soon.  Hold your breath, good things are coming!

Cheers all and apols if you were hoping for something this weekend.  HoT still has plenty of updates in the works, so stay tuned.

T.M Shannon